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Indian Walking Purchase by Edward Marshall in 1737 ~ Retraced by Chuck Stone in 2013

Edward Marshall running the
Indian Walking Purchase
accompanied by his "road crew"
The Indian Walking Purchase was performed for the proprietaries of Pennsylvania in 1737 and resulted from a treaty negotiated by the sons of William Penn with the Lenape Indian Tribe of Delaware.  The treaty defined the process for establishing an amount of land and its borders to be conveyed to the English by the Lenape tribe.  The treaty called for the amount of land to be determined by the distance a man could walk in a day and a half.  Edward Marshall and two other men were commissioned by the Penn brothers to make the walk.  The two men, not being able to maintain the pace set by Edward, dropped out early in the walk.  Edward completed the two days at a brisk run, covering approximately 63 miles.  There were strong feelings among the Native Americans that they had been cheated out of their land by the Indian Walking Purchase and it is believed that it this was a significant reason for the deterioration in the relationship between the Indians and the English leading up to and following the French and Indian War.  By 1755, over 50 settlers had been killed in Indian attacks with the bounds of the Walking Purchase, including Edward Marshall’s wife, oldest daughter, and son. Generations later  his descendant Oscar Marshall had five daughters - Edith, Alice, Ruth, Bertha and Venna Jean. 
Chuck Stone (middle) with his road crew. Dale Marie
Potter-Clark, Matt and Keith Stone and Harvey Boatman.
Chuck ran 70 miles in a little less time (at 58years old) than
Edward Marshall ran 63 miles (at 27 years old). Humbly, as
always, Chuck said "but he didn't have fancy running shoes."
In 2013 Chuck Stone, a son of Ruth, ran the course of the "Indian Walking Purchase" done by his 6th g-grandfather Edward Marshall 226 years before. Chuck's road crew consisted of his sons Matt and Keith and his first cousin Harvey Boatman - son of Bertha. Photographer was Dale Marie Potter-Clark - Harvey's life partner and the family historian who uncovered this Marshall connection. Upon completion of Chuck's 70 mile run a time capsule was buried at the finish point. Bill Landauer - a reporter from the Allentown Morning Call - followed us on day #2 and wrote an article for that newspaper. To read the story and to see a video interview of Chuck follow this link. To access Dale's pictures of the run see the slideshow in the right column.
The direct line from Oscar Verus Marshall to Edward Marshall:
Oscar Verus Marshall 1898 - 1970
John Franklin Marshall 1869 - 1946
Charles C. Marshall 1842 – about 1920
John Marshall 1818 - 1896
John W. Marshall 1785 - 1871
Peter Marshall 1759 - 1806
Edward Marshall 1710 – 1789

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